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Jon Ross in the News

Last week I was interviewed for the BarCrawl Radio podcast in New York City.

The interviewers, Rebecca McKean and Alan Winson, asked some really interesting questions about MicroAid and my personal life. For instance, they asked how my 20-year meditation practice has helped during the crisis.

I also told them how MicroAid continues to build permanent houses for disaster survivors in Nepal and in Mexico, and how our project manager in Nepal was trying to get to our worksite, during one of the lockdowns in Nepal, but had to turn back because she saw, up ahead, at a police Covid checkpoint, that they were beating people! Lockdown in Nepal is serious.

Here’s the episode. (It’s a 35-minute listen.) Please let me know what you think. Thanks. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and comfortable. Sincerely, Jon


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