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Season of Joy

We are already making progress on the new Nepal project for our beneficiary family. As you recall, we found them living in a dangerously damaged structure since the earthquake of 2015. It could have collapsed on them at any time.

In our assessment of the family, we found out that the dad is blind, and that one of the brothers has a developmental disability, the mom takes care of the household, and the younger brother works to support everyone. They truly deserve our help.

Now, we have temporarily relocated them to a small rental apartment, where they will live while we take down the old house and build them a new one. A solid, comfortable, permanent home that will last for generations to come.

The “puja” ceremony—to bless the site, the tools, the bricks, the ground, and the workers—has already taken place, and we will start construction soon.

Thank you for helping people in need. MicroAid would not exist without you. And thank you if you’ve already made a donation to MicroAid this year. If you haven’t, there are only a few more weeks to make a charitable donation for the tax benefits for 2022. Thank you. Wishing us all the best for the holiday season. Warmly, Jon Ross

Founder/Project Manager


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