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Getting Close in Nepal

We are about to put the finishing touches on the house we’ve been building for our latest beneficiary family in Nepal.

We’re just waiting for the carpenter to finish the windows and doors—in Nepal, these are custom made. There was a slight delay as his wife broke her leg and he had to take care of her. Thankfully, she is fine.

Also, we took a break for a very happy celebration (there are a lot of them in Nepal): Nabina, our project manager, as the oldest daughter in her family, had to prepare the “first rice” ceremony, called “pasni," for her new nephew. That’s the day at six months old when a baby eats solid food for the first time—rice. This was an extra-special day because it's Nabina’s first nephew, and her parents' first grandchild.

(Nabina and her family: parents and three sisters)

And the home construction continues. The inside is complete—electric and plumbing and stairs and walls.

Here are two of the family members checking out the view from one of the rooms on the top floor. They are excited to move in soon.

As always, the family is aware that there is a group of donors who are making all this possible—that MicroAid raises money from individuals who care about families who have lost everything in a disaster… in places where there are no social safety nets, no insurance, no government assistance, and no other NGOs offering to help.

Without MicroAid, these families would be out of luck. As in this case, where the family was living in a dangerously damaged structure for the last eight years since the Ghorka earthquake in 2015.

So, from them… and from me… thank you.


Jon Ross

Founder/project manager


PS: please check out our Instagram account where we are posting pictures from our Oaxaca, Mexico, project.


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