Another Typhoon in the Philippines

On Christmas Day, a typhoon slammed into Eastern Samar in the Philippines—the same area where MicroAid built houses for families who survived Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Because electricity was knocked out for days, and the roads were blocked due to downed trees and other debris, we were unable to contact our people there—our beneficiary families, our assistant project manager, nor our friends. Today, we finally got through, and everyone we know is safe and sound. And the houses MicroAid built are still standing and in good shape. Thanks to our donors, and to our strategy of building to the highest international standard, our families survived the storm. Our heart goes out to the many others wh

Home for the Holidays

Someone said to me about MicroAid, “You’re not changing the world.” I thought that was a funny thing to say, because, for the families we help, we ARE changing their world! As we continue to repair and rebuild permanent homes for disaster-survivor families, they will have a safe and comfortable place to live for generations to come. Thank you for supporting this essential work. And so, we have just finished another home repair and retrofit for a family in Nepal. Their house was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake, but they have been living in the dangerous structure because they had nowhere else to go. The rickety house could have collapsed and killed them at any moment. With your suppor

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