Another Project In Nepal Complete

While the world is focused on the latest disasters, MicroAid continues to help survivors who lost their homes in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. MicroAid just completed another repair/retrofit for a family in Nepal, where 750,000 homes were destroyed in 2015—very few have been rebuilt. Around the world, MicroAid is quietly and consistently getting people back into permanent homes and back to their normal lives, long after the world’s attention has moved on. MicroAid works in places where there are no social safety nets, no insurance, no FEMA, and no real government assistance. Rest assured that MicroAid will extend our help to hurricane survivors in the Caribbean even after they are no longer

Will We Remember Harvey a Year From Now?

While we’re glued to the news reports in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, our support, resources, and prayers are currently focused on the disaster survivors in Texas. As the head of a global long-term disaster recovery organization, MicroAid International, I see first-hand how quickly attentions turn when survivors are no longer in the news. With our “breaking news” cycle, another disaster or important events will soon eclipse this one, and our attention will get diverted to other matters. This is especially true in the far-flung places MicroAid operates—where there are no social safety nets, no insurance, no independent emergency-response organizations, and no real government assistance.

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