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What Then Must We Do

After the recent three-week lockdown in Nepal, we are back to work on our new-home construction for an earthquake-survivor family. 

We had to pause as the country went into another full lockdown a month ago. 

During this time, MicroAid decided to keep paying our workers. 

It’s the kind of difficult decision we are all facing these days—and this new situation requires a new level of compassion and generosity. 

Thanks to our donors, we are able to continue this important work. 

Disasters don’t stop for corona virus—and neither will MicroAid. We will rebuild permanent houses for disaster survivors, no matter what else is going on, because people need our help, now, more than ever.

Please make a donation to help families in need.

Thank you.

And if you are in the United States, please arrange to vote, either by mail, early voting, or in person on November 3rd.

Thank you.


Jon Ross



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