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Reaping the Rewards in Nepal

The rice is being harvested in the Kathamandu Valley and MicroAid has finished rebuilding another permanent home for a deserving family. Thanks to your donations!

This time, we took down the old house, which was dangerously damaged in the 2015 earthquake, and built a new structure from the ground up.

As often is the case, we built a complete main floor—with four rooms and a bathroom—and left them the ability to add a second floor in the future.

That is why there are columns and some walls on top. The family picked out the tile for the bathroom.

The Suwal family consists of a mom (a widow) and her two kids. At MicroAid, we like to help female-headed households as they are even more at a disadvantage.

Another one of our trademarks, besides giving the family a solid, comfortable, permanent home, which will last for generations to come, is a special feature, which will distinguish their house and be source of pride… not just a box.

In this case, we negotiated with a carpenter, who made an intricate front door with carvings of some of the Hindu deities, in exchange for the salvaged wood from the old house. Nabina, our in-country project manager, arranged that!

The family is extremely grateful. And they know that MicroAid is made up of many individual donors that make this all possible. To you, they say, “Namaste!”

As for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To be able to help people—through your generosity—is a gift. If you can, please make another contribution, now. Thank you. Wishing us all a wonderful holiday season. You have made it a happy one for this MicroAid beneficiary family. Namaste, Jon Ross

Founder/Project Manager


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