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MicroAid Builds a New Home for the Soodin Family — 2010

In Hambantota, a town in southern Sri Lanka which was especiall hard hit by the tsunami in 2004, MicroAid built a house for the Soodin family. They were very poor to begin with and, over the years, many an INGO had promised to help, but never came through. Mr. Soodin is an industrious brick maker, but is living hand-to-mouth as he supports his wife, three sons, and three daughters. All the kids are going to school, except for one of the sons who works at the salt factory.

The Soodin abode since 2004

The Soodin's old kitchen 

As a humanitarian project, the measure of this one will not be in how we helped “build capacity” or “affected productivity,” it will be in how many nights this family lives under a real roof, surrounded by solid walls, with a modicum of privacy, rather than living in a cramped, corrugated-tin shanty!

The new home under construction

Hoisting a roof beam

Jon Ross helping to place the very important central beam before roof construction can begin. 

Their daughter Rifka in front of the tractor that brought in the new beams for the roof. 

The Soodin's new home completed. 


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