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MicroAid Builds a New Home for the Ormachea-Hermoza Family –– 2013

In the poor community of Paca Vilcanota in Urubamaba, the Ormachea-Hermoza family lost their home and possessions that took them a lifetime to accumulate.  In 2012, MicroAid met the family, did a baseline study and committed to replacing their home.

The Ormachea-Hermoza family in front of their makeshift shelter after the raging floodwaters destroyed their home. 

Over the course of four months in 2013, we built a 1,400-square-foot concrete-block home, with a full second floor foundation.

The site cleared and ready for construction. 

Reinforced concrete foundation and column. 

Channels for potential second floor.

1,600 concrete blocks were used in the construction.

Daughter of the family standing in front of the house before stucco finishing. 

Finished with concrete stucco.

This MicroAid  project also employed dozens of workers and injected much needed cash into the local economy.

The Ormachea-Hermoza family in front of their completed home! 


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