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Green Carpet in Nepal

Through the generosity, of our donors we are almost finished with the latest Nepal project—a new home construction for a widow and her kids. Their original house was dangerously damaged in the 2015 earthquake.

We are into the rainy season, in Nepal, which is slowing the work down a bit, but it has also turned the entire Kathmandu Valley into a carpet of iridescent green rice shoots. Rice-planting season, about a month ago, also slowed our progress, as the workers went off to help their own families plant rice. Every available space is given over to this essential crop.

While working in other countries, these are some of the cultural events we get to witness. I always feel it’s part of the benefit we receive for helping others.

Otherwise, we are in mid-year fundraising mode, so we can continue our work rebuilding permanent homes for disaster-survivor families around the world.

Besides continuing our projects in Nepal, it looks like we will be doing more work in southern Mexico and in the Philippines.

Thank you for supporting this essential work. We really are making a difference in people’s lives—directly, efficiently, and completely.

MicroAid would not exist without our donors… and MicroAid is the last hope for the families we help.

As they say in Nepal: Namaste!

Thank you,

Jon Ross

Founder/Project Manager


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