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Almost there in Nepal!

Thanks to the dedication of our Nepal project manager and crew, we are nearing completion of the house we began building in the Kathmandu Valley in January 2021.

Our donors' support has enabled us to keep working, and paying our workers, through a second and third corona-virus lockdown in that country. Now, we are getting close to handing the keys to our beneficiary family. Their original home was severely damaged in the 2015 Ghorka Earthquake.

We started with a dangerous, unstable structure sandwiched between two other buildings in a narrow alley in the ancient city of Bhaktapur.

We cleared the site and started from the ground up.

Using steel-reinforced concrete, we built to international standards for earthquake safety.

Then, because we were abiding by neighborhood historic-landmark standards, we used a traditional brick-and-mortar façade and beautiful wood-frame windows and doors.

It was such narrow site, in an even narrower alley, it was hard to get good photos.

Finally, we were allowed on top of a nearby building to take this overhead shot.

The global pandemic has made our job even harder… but it has shown that this work is more necessary than ever. If we have learned anything from this challenging era, it’s that people need a comfortable, safe, permanent place to live so that they can lock-down and, possibly, recover from a deadly sickness. With your support, MicroAid has changed the world for our beneficiary families. Thank you. No matter what, MicroAid will keep helping families—survivors of natural disasters who have lost their homes—by rebuilding permanent houses, which will last for generations to come. Thanks, again, for being part of this amazing work. Wishing us all the best. Sincerely, Jon Ross

Founder/Program manager


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