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Still Helping Families in Nepal

Even four years after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake destroyed 650,000 homes in Nepal, hundreds of thousands of families are still living in the rubble of their old houses.

But MicroAid has not forgotten, and with donor support, we continue to rebuild and repair and retrofit destroyed and damaged homes in the Kathmandu Valley.

Not only has our work put families back into safe, comfortable, and permanent houses, but we have employed hundreds of local workers, trained family members to do construction work, and bought construction materials from local vendors. And since 2016, our full-time Nepalese project manager has used her MicroAid income to support her parents and help her kid-sisters through school.

One hundred percent of donations have gone to bricks, mortar, lumber, and local labor. MicroAid overhead is paid by the board of directors and other specific grants.

With all the natural disasters happening around the world—and at home—it's easy to feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. But MicroAid does know what to do: rebuild permanent homes for families who have no other recourse.

So, now, when you hear about a natural disaster, you can say, “I donate to MicroAid; I am rebuilding permanent homes for disaster-survivor families—directly, efficiently, completely."

Here is the project that we are doing right now in Nepal:

The old damaged house:

The family:

MicroAid repair and retrofit:

Thank you for your past support.

Please donate again, now, so we can help more people. We are currently assessing whether, next year, we can help families in the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean.

Thank you.

Wishing you and your family peace… and peace of mind.

Jon Ross

Founder/program manager

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