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Fourth Project in Nepal Complete


Our fourth project in Nepal is complete!

This means, with our donors’ support, MicroAid has given another family—and generations to come—a safe, comfortable, permanent place to live. The Nakarmi family’s home was severely damaged and made unsafe to live in the 2015 earthquake.

We retrofitted and reinforced the interior walls and floors, and completely rebuilt the top floor kitchen.

Of the 650,000 homes destroyed in the earthquake in 2015, not very many have been rebuilt—and even then, not to the standards to which we are building. All our project are meant to withstand future earthquakes, and exceed U.S. seismic code.

I am especially proud of MicroAid’s in-country project manager for all her hard work and dedication. Since coming on board MicroAid as my assistant/interpreter in 2016, she has done an excellent job being our boots on the ground in Nepal. And she has used her much-needed income to help support her parents, and to put her sister through school. Thank you Nabina Duwal!

While overseeing the Nepal projects, I have been prepping our next projects in Paraguay—to help flood-survivor families—as well as laying the groundwork for MicroAid assistance in hurricane-damaged Caribbean islands.

Thanks to our group of generous donors, MicroAid can change the future for people who have no other place to turn. Where we work in the world, there is no FEMA, no insurance, and no real government assistance. When disaster strikes, families are destroyed for ever.

Thank you for supporting me and MicroAid.

Wishing you all the best,


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