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The Gift of MicroAid

Happy Holidays!

We all know it’s better to give than to receive. And when we rebuild a house for a family who has lost their home due to a disaster, it is the ultimate gift. We are providing people with a permanent and comfortable home—that will last for generations—where kids can sleep and do their homework, and parents can focus on the other needs of the family, without worrying about having a roof over their head.

In the past, you have contributed to this important work. Recently, on giving Tuesday, MicroAid raised more than $7,000—mostly in small contributions. Thank you!

In some of the places we work, like the Philippines, $7,000 is the cost of an entire house.

And when we build to international earthquake standards in Nepal, $7,000 is about 25 percent of the total construction cost.

Even $100 pays for a wall of bricks! So, you see, every donation has an impact.

Where MicroAid works, there are no social safety nets, no insurance, and no real government assistance. We are the last hope for these families. Next year, MicroAid will rebuild homes for hurricane survivors in the Caribbean. In the next two years, MicroAid hopes to raise $200,000 so we can help more people return to self-sufficiency. Even the smallest donation will get us to that goal.

So, while you are in the gift-giving spirit, please make a donation by clicking the link below, or write a check, now.

Thank you so much.

Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season… and beyond.


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