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Finding Ways to Help in Peru

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

Here in the Sacred Valley of Peru, I was treated to a wonderful feast with many expats and locals.

As you know, I am here doing project assessments for survivors of the devastating floods of 2010. As usual, after the emergency response and the relief organizations have left, MicroAid steps in to help people get back into permanent housing and return to self-sufficiency.

Already, I have identified situations where we can help. Many families are still without homes after theirs were washed away in the floods.

In the town of Huacarpay, there is a particularly sad situation where an older couple has been living in a wooden box since they lost their adobe home two years ago.

town of huacarpay - devastated by the floods of 2010

They have no chance of rebuilding on their own and no other options

the rich neighbors rebuilt a fancy palace

This is a situation where we can build them a modest home and they can return to a relatively dignified and comfortable existence. Other situations in Ollantaytambo and Urumbamba are equally desperate. It looks like we can help some families there as well.

some families have been living in tents since 2010

In a couple of weeks, I will return to the U.S. to wait out the rainy season. I will come back here in the Spring of 2013 to do the construction. Between now and then, I will be coordinating with the local NGOs and builders I have met here and planning the work.

no all the survivors want to move to a temporary disaster recovery village - in backgound

Of course, the board and I will be raising the money to complete these construction projects for these worthy disaster survivors. So please don’t forget to make a donation as part of your year-end charitable giving.

We have so much to be thankful for in the U.S., even in the wake of our own disasters, that we have resources and organizations that are there to help. The people here have no such options.

I am happy that we created MicroAid to help them live better lives.

Thanks you for your encouragement and support.

All the best,

Jon Ross

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