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Another Brick in the Wall

Things continue to move forward with our disaster recovery project in Peru. The Ormachea-Hermoza home now has walls and we are preparing to pour the concrete ceiling beams and roof.

you have to keep the concrete wet for seven days so that it cures correctly

At that point, we will have to wait three weeks to remove the wooden forms. There was much debate as to whether we needed to let them cure for a full 28 days—the time it takes for concrete to completely dry—but after consulting with my construction experts in the U.S., we all agreed (including the local builder) that three weeks would be adequate and safe. During that time, I will visit friends in Mancora, on Peru’s northern coast. Better than watching concrete dry. :0)

I have extended my trip to accommodate the schedule so that I can be here to see the project to completion. That is part of the MicroAid strategy—which differentiates us from other recovery organizations—we stay till the project is done.

the column foundations are 1.2 meters deep

People appreciate being able to say that they support and organization that helps survivors of disasters in a direct, efficient, and complete manner. I oversee every aspect of a project and make sure every penny is accounted for.

snow in the mountains from the site - 15,000 feet

Personally, I am extremely pleased; although it’s strange to be missing the northern hemisphere summer—it was the winter solstice, here, recently—but it’s beautifully crisp and cold here at 11,000 feet in the Andes.

The solstice is a big event in these towns in the Sacred Vallley and the Inca-Quechua-Spanish culture—lots of interesting festivals. But freezing temperatures—at night, especially—11,000 feet in the mountains. As I type, I am sitting at the worksite in overcoat, with a hat pulled down over my ears. My gloves are off as I type this draft—to be sent later when I have Internet-—but my fingers are getting numb. More late, after the thaw.

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