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Rebar Madness

Bending, cutting, setting… rebar—this foundation could support the Freedom Tower.

There is so much reinforced concrete in the beams this house could be the first skyscraper in Urubamba. It will definitely withstand any future floods.

uncle Juan

foundations for the columns are 1 meter deep

Speaking of which, the family wanted the ability to build a second floor in the future. That concept is prevalent throughout the third world where building codes allow you to leave a house in what looks like an incomplete state.

this house is done—note the expensive fancy doors

MicroAid will build the family a complete first floor, but there will be rebar extending above for future tie-in. Be ready for that image! We still will have done our job—our first floor will be completely finished. The boys, girls, and parents will have separate bedrooms, and there will be an additional common living room. A side note: in many countries, you don’t pay taxes on an “unfinished” building. Once, in Baja, Mexico, a friend commented on this phenomena; he said it looks like the whole country is under construction. He was right—but we now know the reason.

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