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MicroAid's Next Projects in Peru

Happy Holidays.

I am back from setting up the next MicroAid projects in Peru. (A special thanks to Nick Nelson, Melissa Burns, Chelsey Marsing, and the Pepperdine consultants for their research.)

As you know, more than 25,000 people lost their homes to the floods in 2010.

Town of huacarpay flooded in 2010

This situation is especially poignant in light of our own recent disaster in the Northeast. Unlike the U.S., though, where we have a reasonable disaster response—with many organizations funded, staffed, and able to help—in the Sacred Valley in Peru, the survivors have no recourse whatsoever. Years later, many families are still in need—living in makeshift houses or relief tents.

living in a tent since 2010

In a few months, after the rainy season, MicroAid will rebuild houses for two families and prepare two others against future floods. In the upcoming months, I will be coordinating with the local builders, and raising the money to complete the constructions.

It will cost about $12,500 to build each simple house, and another $10,000 to prepare the others against future disaster. All in all, with $35,0000 we can help four families—more than 50 people—get back to living productive and dignified lives. The adults can spend their time working to support their families and the kids can have a decent place to sleep and do their homework.

So please, in this season of sharing, make a donation to MicroAid part of your year-end charitable giving. Any amount will help.

Through MicroAid, we are truly having a positive impact on people’s lives—directly, responsibly, and efficiently. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Wishing you a happy holiday season, and all the best in the new year.



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