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Sri Lanka February 2010 Update

I am very happy to report that thanks to our donors and board of directors we have raised enough money to help a few of the remaining victims of the tsunami here in Sri Lanka. As all eyes have been focused on Haiti in the last few weeks, it is easy to see how people get left behind as one disaster eclipses another. (Recently we had them in Myanmar, Tawain, and Samoa.) And with the immense amount of media attention and humanitarian aid directed toward the latest crisis, it can seem as though all the previous situations have been resolved. Of course, we know that is not the case. Which is the reason I started MicroAid in the first place.

stupa and building fort colombo

So here I am in Colombo, having a few meetings with other NGOs and potential partners, then off to Hambantota in the south and to Batticaloa in the east to begin the MicroAid projects–helping a few families rebuild their houses, replacing tools, and sponsoring tsunami orphans’ education.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and vision.



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