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MicroAid Rebuilds the Gyamaru Family Home –– 2017

Even years after the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, the situation in Nepal remains dire. Due to a terrible convergence of government inaction, a fuel and materials blockade along the Indian border, and the magnitude of the damage, very little has been done to help the survivors who lost their homes. While other aid organizations are focused on the mountain villages—and have their hands tied by the government bureaucracy—MicroAid is helping families in the urban Kathmandu Valley rebuild and repair their homes so they can return to self-sufficiency.

The nine-members of the Gyamaru family have been working hard at various jobs—brick factory, construction labor, driving small trucks, and seasonal fieldwork—but they are still living hand-to-mouth, and would never have been able to save enough money to rebuild their home.  MicroAid repaired their house, so that they would have a safe place to live. 

The exterior of the Gyamaru home looked OK after the earthquake, but the interior structure was damaged and unsafe.

The Gyamaru ceiling before MicroAid.

Ceiling after MicroAid repair.

MicroAid uses local labor and materials to help the affected communities.

New floors for the Gyamaru family.

MicroAid rebuilt the interior walls.

And added structural supports throughout the house, so it will withstand future earthquakes. The Gyamaru family can now go about their lives without worrying that their home will collapse around them.


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