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Earthquake in Indonesia August 2018

As you may have seen in the news, in Indonesia last week, major earthquakes caused widespread damage and loss of life on the island of Lombok, near Bali. A series of magnitude 6-plus temblors killed more than 400 people and destroyed almost 80 percent of the homes, displacing approximately 350,000 men, women, and children.

Here at MicroAid our heart goes out to the survivors and the victims’ families. And we are encouraged to see the first responders and relief supplies reaching the area. Since MicroAid is a long-term recovery organization, rebuilding permanent homes for families after the emergency workers have left, we will go in later and help people get out of the temporary tents, and the rubble of their homes, and help them return to self-sufficiency.

Currently, MicroAid continues to rebuild houses for families affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. And we are getting ready to help families whose homes were destroyed in the Caribbean by hurricanes last fall.

As one disaster eclipses another, it’s important to remember that not everyone from the previous ones have received any assistance, let alone a permanent new home.

Thank you for supporting this important work. Please donate if you haven’t in a while. No amount is too small. In the places we work, any amount helps us get a family back into a permanent home.

$100 pays for a wall of bricks.

$500 pays for cement.

$1,000 pays for doors and windows.

$2,000 pays for a roof.

$5,000 pays for the foundation and rebar for an earthquake-safe home for generations to come.

Please make a donation to help the earthquake survivors in Indonesia, now.

You can rest assured MicroAid will help those families long after the rest of the world has forgotten them.

Thank you so much.

Jon Ross

Founder/Project Manager

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