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Mysterious Ancient Ruins Near Our Project in Peru

Things are good here. Projects are moving forward—slowly, but surely.

our site in urubamba backs up against another structure

While waiting for plans to be drawn up for the MicroAid homes…

Here are a few pics from an adventure I was taken on over the weekend by some archeologists: a little-visited Inca site about two hours from Cusco.

curved and perfectly matched stones indicate a ceremonial site

We all piled into combis and taxis to get to the ruins near the town of Anta and a half-hour hike up the mountain from a nondescript spot along the road.

Plenty of ancient mojo—with caves with Inca walls inside, sun dials, and alters perfectly aligned with astronomical features.

The site had that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” feel, and one of the archeologists was definitely channeling Indiana Jones.

nobody really knows how the Inca used this “sundial”

We didn’t find any golden idols though, but the potential is still there, I am told, if you know where to look.

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