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Some good news for these terrible times

With all the turmoil and horror in the world at the moment, it’s a relief to report some good news for another MicroAid family in Nepal.

We just finished a house for a young widow and her two sons, whose house was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Her younger son has a developmental disability.

Since the earthquake, they have been living in a rented single room, unable to repair or rebuild their own house.

Raising two kids and trying to work as a construction laborer AND paying rent was unsustainable for her, but she couldn’t move back to her dangerously damaged home.

There was not much to do with th old structure, so we took it down and started from the foundation.

Over the course of a year, with long, frustrating pauses in the work for Covid lockdowns and workers getting sick, we built a comfortable and safe permanent home.

Our Nepal project manager did a heroic job keeping it all going.

The site, in a narrow alley, was too tight to get a good photo perspective, but the house was built to local landmark standards and to the new Nepali building code (actually exceeding U.S. earthquake standards)—it will last for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting this necessary work.

MicroAid would not exist without you. And without MicroAid, the families we help would be out of luck. Wishing us all the best during these turbulent times. And... Peace on Earth, Jon Ross

Founder/Project Manager


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