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Hurricane Dorian Slams the Bahamas

When a natural disaster strikes somewhere in the world, like the recent hurricane in the Bahamas, people often ask, “What can I do to help?”

(hurricane dorian — bahamas 2019)

Here at MicroAid, we have the answer: Go and rebuild people’s homes and get them back to their normal lives!

(microaid project in the philippines 2015 — typhoon haiyan 2013)

Our heart goes out to the survivors and the victims' families in the Bahamas, and we are encouraged to see the first responders and relief supplies reaching the area.

Since MicroAid is a long-term recovery organization, rebuilding permanent homes for families after the emergency workers have left, we go in and help people get out of the temporary tents, and the rubble of their homes, after the rest of the world has forgotten them.

There’s a reason you support MicroAid: because we help survivors of disasters even when they are no longer in the news. And MicroAid works in places where people have no social safety nets, no insurance, and no government assistance. MicroAid helps families who have lost their homes and have no other recourse. Without us, they would be out of luck.

With the increasing severity of disasters in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—to feel that there are too many people to help. Here at MicroAid, as you know, our philosophy is that just because we can’t help everyone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help someone—directly, efficiently, and totally.

If you’ve donated to MicroAid, you have paid for local labor and bricks and mortar and lumber that is being used to rebuild permanent houses for disaster-survivor families right now!

(microaid project in nepal 2019 — gorkha earthquake 2015)

So, whenever a disaster strikes in the world, you can say, “I’m already helping because I support MicroAid.”

Please donate again now:

Thank you.

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