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Behind the Scenes MicroAid Support Team

As you know, I oversee MicroAid projects in the field and I hire local people, to help the economy in addition to the beneficiary family, but there are many people at home who support MicroAid in direct and indirect ways (in addition to our generous donors, of course)—sometimes just by making my life easier. Here, I want to mention a few of them.

Annika Kispersky-Morris takes care of my mail, banking, and cars while I am away for so long. It’s always fun to get an email from her that includes a picture of a donation check to MicroAid!

Rosemary Clubb handles all the details of subletting my apartment, and makes sure that I have a clean and tidy sanctuary when I return. The huge relief that I feel knowing that I will come back to my living space the way I left it is immeasurable.

Peter Brill is my go-to guy for construction advice. His vast experience, owning a major construction company, Sarcon in New Mexico, has been invaluable when I need to know about anything from concrete to rebar.

Dr. Sam Tucker and Kathy Curtis, Ph.D. help keep me healthy in the field by giving me good advice about avoiding infections, diseases, and parasites, and even better advice about how to get rid of these things if I get them. We vanquished Giardia lambia on this trip!

Chelsey Marsing and Melissa Burns have interned in the MicroAid office (my dining room table) over the years. Both have researched projects, travel details, and grants, and are always helpful when I need something while I’m in the field.

Tracy Hopcus is our website designer. She responds promptly, efficiently, and creatively to changes I need made to the main site. (

And of course, my friends and family who stay in touch over the months, and the distance, to offer words of support and encouragement and love.

Thank you all.


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