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Eating for Two

Just rid myself of some kind of intestinal parasite after three weeks trying to use a local homeopathic remedy: eat a big handful of mint leaves upon waking up and just before going to bed.

urubamba market - my mint dealer

Ultimately, I had to resort to antibiotics, but because of my total aversion to them and my mild state of denial, I wanted to try the natural cure first. After local advice and some Internet research, I was convinced of the efficacy of the minty-fresh leaf. Apparently, the mint should cause an environment in the gut that the parasites don’t like—at all. It should send those critters running for the exit—so to speak. For a little while it seemed to have worked, but alas, no, they came back angry at being annoyed. So, I had to go for the nuclear option and bomb them with Cipro. That worked. Now I just have to reestablish all the good bacteria in my system. Luckily there is a real Korean restaurant in Cusco with authentic kimchi, which will help.

the real deal at sa rang che

I might also continue the mint regimen, as I was beginning to enjoy my morning and evening “salads.” Ah, the challenges of working in the field.

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