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And Now: a Word from our Sponsors

Cash donations make the MicroAid work possible—helping victims of disasters return to self-sufficiency. But there are some things that keep ME going—keeping me self-sufficient in the field.

Every morning and throughout the day, I use an electrolyte infused product called Emergen-C. A powder in a packet poured into a bottle of water that keeps me hydrated and my salts in balance in these hot, humid, sweat-all-day climates. Alacer Corp. has been donating product to my causes since the Achilles Track Club days, and now supports MicroAid.

Another fantastic comestible is called Primal Strips—meatless “jerky” for us vegans, and non-vegans, alike. These tasty treats have 7 to 10 grams of protein and supplement my mainly starchy diet (taro, breadfruit, bananas—no beans, grains, legumes, or nuts) in this part of the world. Primal Spirit Foods discounted the cost of some product for this trip.

Air New Zealand gave us a discount on a ticket to get me here. Having flown on most of the world’s major airlines, and a lot of it’s minor ones, I can say that Air New Zealand is one of the best. (Another wonderful airline, Air Pacific, offered a similar discount, but connections and layovers favored the ANZ route, even though the distances were greater.)

Pasefika Inn and Juliana’s Rental Car in Apia, Samoa, both extended substantial discounts for my long-term stay for humanitarian work.

In addition to our financial backers, corporate contributions like these are essential to our work—it keeps our overhead low, and enables me to spend more time in the field helping those in need. Fafetai to them.

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