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DISASTER: Massive floods and hurricanes since 2014; countrywide.


MICROAID RESPONSE: Raising $50,000 to help rebuild houses and replace tools of livelihood.

Since 2014 torrential rains have poured across Nicaragua during the fall, triggering widespread flooding and landslides.


Twenty-four people were killed by the storms in 2014 and more than 33,000 were made homeless. Nine of those who died were in the capital, Managua, at that time, torrential rain caused a wall to collapse, crushing five homes.

Many of those homeless people are crammed into emergency shelters throughout the country.


Additionally, over the years, a number of rivers have overflowed their banks, including the Coco and Prinzapolka, in the east of the country.


In 2016, Hurricane Otto, tore across the country, adding wind and water damage to the seasonal floods.

MicroAid is raising $50,000 to help rebuild houses and replace lost tools in Nicaragua.


100% of donations go to helping those in need.  Overhead is funded separately by the MicroAid board of directors. Please donate now. Thank you.

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