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DISASTER: Earthquake, April 16, 2016; Pedernales, Ecuador.


MICROAID RESPONSE: Raising $50,000 to help rebuild houses and replace tools of livelihood.



 At least 676 people died and more than 16,600 people injured when Ecuador was hit by its most powerful earthquake in decades.

The magnitude-7.8 quake, which struck on a Saturday evening, affected the entire coastal area in the northwest of the country and displaced more than 30,000 people. The mayor of Pedernales, close to the epicenter, said the "entire town" had been flattened.


The quake is Ecuador's largest since 1979 and more than 130 aftershocks have followed. The US Geological Survey said the earthquake struck at a fairly shallow depth of 19.2km (11.9 miles) and caused widespread devastation.

MicroAid is raising $50,000 to help rebuild houses and replace lost tools in Ecuador.



100% of donations go to helping those in need.  Overhead is funded separately by the MicroAid board of directors. Please donate now. Thank you.

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