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On September 7, 2017, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of Mexico caused widespread destruction and killed more than 50 people in states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. It was the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years and was felt in Mexico City and all the way in Guatamala to the south.

The most severe damage occurred in the provincial town of Juchitan de Zaragoza, which is halfway between Oaxaca City and Salina Cruz on the coast. Juchitan, with it's traditional houses and buildings, is home to a majority Zapotec community. More than 400 hundred homes were destroyed along with the city hall and the hospital.

In Juchitan, MicroAid continues to help rebuild permanent houses that address the needs of the affected families (in terms of traditional designs—updated to withstand future earthquakes), the climate, and the community.

Below are the updates for our completed Mexico projects. To see other detailed updates about our work in the country please go to the UPDATES page.

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