Holidays in Nepal

The project is moving forward here… but slowly. We work seven days a week—when there are no Hindu, Newari, or Buddhist holidays, which seem to come every few days, so it is really a few days on, a day or two off. Traditional Newari dress Last week was a fabulous Newari holiday week called Bisket. Like New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving combined… every day for six days. So only a couple of crew show up each day (because my builder is Newari!) and there was the actual Nepali New Year on May 13th. For Bisket, though, in the nearby old town of Bhaktapur they have created a giant chariot (like the Hari Krishna one for Festival of Chariots. Come to think of it, it might have the same roots.) Anywa

Spring 2016 Update: Nepal House Project

First, I want to express sympathy for the earthquake victims in Japan and Ecuador. We will put Ecuador on our list for our help down the road. Toward that goal, MicroAid assistant program manager, Chelsey Marsing, has set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for us. Please check it out through the link above, donate if you can, and share it on Facebook and your other social media platforms. Thank you. Here in Nepal, building a new home for our beneficiary family, on the outskirts of Kathamandu, near Bhaktapur, is going slowly but surely… after a few hiccups. jon and local contractor No sooner had we broken ground on the MicroAid project, after a single day digging the foundation, we had to

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