Peru House Project

All in the Family (part 2) Our beneficiary family: the Ormachea-Hermozas. There are twelve who live on the site and dozens of others who will benefit from the home we are building. The patriarchs, Juana and Valerio got married and set out on a life together. Valerio was a long-distance truck driver and spent a lot of time away from home. As his young family grew, he eventually saved enough money to build an adobe home (mud bricks) on the banks of the Urubamba river in the poor but happy community of Paca Vilconota on the east end of the town of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. As some their daughters married and had kids of their own, and one of their sons married a woman who was visually imp

Peru House Project All in the Family

All in the Family I know I have written mostly about the post-disaster home construction and posted pictures of foundations, columns, and rebar, but I want to emphasize the most important aspect of the MicroAid philosophy: direct involvement with the beneficiary family. Besides overseeing all aspects of the project until completion, I personally meet the people we help and assess their need and pre-disaster baseline. They in turn, help with the project. The Ormachea-Hermoza family (12 in the immediate family live on the site; dozens more will benefit from the house) was one of thousands that lost their home in the floods of 2010, but it was their particular plight that compelled us to buil

Peru House Project Update

Country Road Take Me Home Back at work in the Peruvian mountains in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. Feeling healthy, and positive about the project. In the home stretch, now; less than four weeks, and counting. wooden forms removed after three weeks Still freezing cold winter in the Andes, but I moved from my drafty apartment to a nearby hostel, where I now have a comfortable bed, hot water, and relatively good Wi-Fi. It’s a bit more expensive—about three dollars and fifty cents per day. Apologies to the MicroAid board members. :0) dolly llama I really needed the three-week break. My time with my friends in Mancora and then visiting Lake Titicaca helped recharge the batteries—literally r

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